Wazifa in Urdu Through Quran & Sunnah

دیگر حاجات کیلئے وظائف

What is Wazifa?

Do you know "What is a Wazifa?" and what is the best usage of Wazifa in Urdu. Life has many twists and turns, with the change in Social, Economic, Religious, Educational or Political status, our needs changes accordingly. In order to satisfy these needs, we have to change our priorities and work hard. Read More...

Some times when we don't get these needs, we recite Wazifa. Reciting a verse of Quran or any recommended Dua for a particular period of time or a particular number is called Wazifa.

Conditions For Success in Wazifa

Before delineating the conditions for success in Wazifa, it is VERY VERY important to make sure that the Wazifa you are reciting is a righteous and permissible act in Islam.

In what meaning Wazifa is permissible in Islam?

Wazifa can have two different meanings.

First, it refers to the recitation of the Surahs, verses, and the phrases of supplications and glorifications which have been practiced and recommended by Prophet Muhammad (may Almighty Allah be pleased with him) in his established Sunnah.

Such recitations, supplications, prayers, and Adhkaar (mention of and remembering Allah) as recommended by Allah’s Last Messenger (ﷺ) constitute a virtuous deed. And it would lead to the attainment of the desired goals.

Second, Wazifa means to imply self-invented supplications or recitations, repeating...Read More

Conditions For Success in Wazifa

them in a certain number at a given time (without evidence), following self-invented procedures, and ascribing self-proclaimed merits and awards to them.

Such self-invented Wazifas constitute a clear act of Bidah (innovation in Islam) and thus have no space in Islam.

Other Preconditions for Success in Wazifa:

Be Accurate and Firm in Your Belief

As a precondition for success in Wazifa, your belief in Allah Almighty must be accurate, firm, and staunch. And you must abstain from committing Shirk that is the gravest of the sins. Shirk means ascribing a partner or rival to Allah in Lordship, worship, or in His names.

The examples of Shirk include idolatry and polytheism.

You should believe that ONLY Allah has the power to solve your problems and take you out of adversities.

Use Hard Work and Halal Means to Earn

Allah’s Last Messenger Hazrat Muhammad (may Allah be pleased with him) has been reported to have said “Alkasib Habibullah,” which means “One who earns by struggle (hard work) is a friend (Most Loved) of Allah.”

If the Creator of the Universe makes friends with you, you must consider yourself among the luckiest people in the world.

As one of the conditions for success in Wazifa, you should earn, eat, and feed to your dependents only Halal Rizk (lawful earning, sustenance, livelihood, and subsistence). It will pay way for the early acceptance of your prayers and supplications.

Keep Supplicating to Allah – Ward Off Disappointment

In chapter 39, verse 53, the Glorious Quran says, “La Taqnatu Min Rahmatillah.”


It means, “Do not despair of the mercy of Allah.”

For an ultimate success in Wazifa, you must keep supplicating to Allah with the faith that sooner or later your prayer shall be answered and (lawful) wish will be granted.

Fulfill Your Obligations to Allah

Always fulfill “Haqooq Ullah” or your obligations to Allah, like timely offering Salah (Namaz or prayer) five times a day, observing fast, paying Zakat, etc.

While committing negligence in your duties to Allah, you cannot expect success in Wazifa and hope that it will yield the desired results.

Do Your Duties to Mankind

Islam teaches us to have good relations with relatives, give the proper right to orphans, encourage others to do good, struggle for the welfare of the society, and serve other people. These are our duties to mankind.

Similarly, hurting others and damaging their property or honor are sinful acts in Islam.


While Allah Almighty is closer to an individual than (his) jugular vein (Al-Quran 50:16), our prayers are always listened to, even if we commit negligence in our obligation to Allah and mankind.

But if we want our prayers to bring the desired results, we should fulfill all the preconditions for success in Wazifa.


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