Wazifa For Aulad in Urdu

اولاد کیلئے وظیفہ

Wazifa For Aulad in Urdu

The desire for children becomes a virtue when you have virtue in your thought. Your intension should be to give good natured and positively educated individuals to the society who will play constructive role in the society. No doubt, there is a saying of the Holy Prophet (SAW) that increasing the number of His (SAW) followers... Read More...

Wazifa For Aulad in Urdu Wazifa For Narina Wazifa For Saleh Aulad

Qurani Wazifa For Aulad in Urdu

Wazifa For Aulad

is a good deed. But, they should be the true followers.

In other words, the moral upbringing and quality of training that you provide to the children is more important than their number. In verse 28 of Surah Al-Anfal, Allah says:

“Know that your wealth and your children are but a trial and that Allah Almighty has with Him a great reward (for you).”

Anyhow, desire for children is a rightful desire. Generally, people have a strong desire to have babies. But, sometimes, they are unable to have them. So, they opt to go for various types of medical treatments. If you have been undergoing different treatments for a baby but all in vain, there is the option to read the Wazifa for Aulad.

The Wazifa for Aulad can be performed in different ways. The first option is to read the beautiful names of Allah after the prayers. Secondly, there are verses and Surahs of Holy Quran which you should recite on regular basis. For instance, if you recite “Ya Khaliq” a hundred times along with Darood Sharif after every prayer, Allah willing, you will get a baby.


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