Wazifa For Job - Wazifa For Good Job in Urdu

نوکری حاصل کرنے کا وظیفہ

Wazifa For Job

Being jobless or having no work to do makes you valueless in the society. A jobless person has to depend on others for their survival and they often have to face disgrace. You are also likely to suffer from poverty. Poverty, on the other hand, is a dangerous thing.... Read More...

Wazifa For Job - Wazifa For Good Job in Urdu

Wazifa For Job in Urdu

The Holy Prophet (SAW) prayed to Allah to save him from poverty in the following words:

“O Allah! I seek refuge in You from (the curse of) poverty and disbelief.”

Poverty is a dangerous thing in the sense that it makes you suffer from humiliation in the society. There is also the possibility that it may lead you to disbelief. Allah’s Messenger has warned about the same thing in a Hadith.

“Poverty almost leads to disbelief.”

The legitimate and the best way to fight poverty is to have some job. On the other hand, in this age of extreme competition and selfishness, it is very difficult to find a good job.

If you are a well-educated person, you would have tried several different options to get a job of your taste with a handsome income. Still there is an option which will help you a great deal in the search for job. It is the Wazifa for job.

You can perform the Wazifa for job either by reciting a Surah, a Hadith or a beautiful name of Allah. For example, if you recite “Ya Basit” 313 times along with Darood Sharif on daily basis, Allah Almighty will open the ways for you to get a good job.


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