Wazifa For Husband in Urdu

شوہر کیلئے وظیفہ

Wazifa For Husband

Have applied all the possible solutions but the feud and misunderstanding with your husband is not going to end in any way? Looking for Messiah who could address your woes. So, you need no Messiah. Right? And the solution is in your very hands. Just change yourself and everything will be changed for you the way you really want... Read More...

Wazifa For Husband in Urdu

Wazifa For Husband in Urdu

Husband and wife are united by a sacred bond of love, sincerity and companionship which is to last throughout their lives. They vow to help and stand by each other through every thick and thin. On the other hand, when two or more people live together they are sure to have differences on certain matters. It’s quite natural and not something that much bad. Here lies the beauty of relations. However, such differences should be kept at the level of differences and not allowed to cross the boundary and enter into the realm of misunderstanding which is full of chaos and confusion.

If a minor difference is left unchecked and translates into misunderstanding, it can prove to be a killer for the relation. The origin of such misunderstanding may lie in either the husband or wife but that does not matter. Whatever the source, you have to pay attention to it before it is too late for the sake of relation. Sometimes, the relation appears to be sound and intact from outside but the peace of the domestic life is spoiled.

One of the solutions to the issue of misunderstanding is to get the help of ‘third party’ consisting of one or more individuals that are trusted by both the husband and wife. But here is again an issue – who will have courage enough to take the initiative. Surely, the decision must be taken by mutual consent of the both. But what if both the parties do not show mutual consent for anyone. Suppose, if they agree and, later on, there emerge differences again on the blame of biasness which may be from either side. So, under such dark and disappointing circumstances, you have to look for another more practical and viable solution.

A Practical and Viable Solution to Misunderstanding:

Islam, being the complete code of life, always offers a complete and durable solution to every single problem you may ever encounter in your life. So, the solution to a serious misunderstanding between husband and wife is also there. You can settle it once and for all.

The thing is very simple – Islam teaches you to do the best on your part and leave the rest on Allah. Meanwhile, you are also advised to remain always hopeful. If you fail to do what is required of you, the light of hope is still there. You can return to the right path and Allah Almighty’s help is always waiting for you. Here you can also make use of Wazifa.

Wazifa for Husband:

Keep in mind, Wazifa can be used only for the positive purpose, i.e. for the achievement of a positive end. You can never use it with the intention of inflicting harm on others even though they may be your rivals. A Wazifa for wife is meant to wipe out misunderstanding and stir the love of husband in the heart of wife. On the other hand, the purpose of reciting the Wazifa of husband is to evoke the feeling of compassion, sincerity and faithfulness in the heart of the husband for his wife. So, the Wazifa is expected to be done by wife.

How to Do Wazifa for Husband:

Though the scholars will tell you about different ways of doing Wazifa for husband, one of the methods involves the recitation of certain names of Allah Almighty. For instance, if you read “Ya Wadoodo” and “Ya Kabeero” together for several times during the day, it will rejuvenate the spirit of love between the husband and wife and, resultantly, they will start loving and caring for each other more than before. Particularly, an annoyed husband will start loving and caring for his wife.

Here is another Wazifa for husband, involving the great name of Allah Almighty. Recite “Ya Mohemino” for six thousand times daily and continue doing so for twenty-one days. Your husband will get a soft-corner for you in his heart and his behavior will get right.

“Ya Afuw’vo” is an effective Wazifa for husband. If husband is harsh on his wife, she can request the help of Allah Almighty by reciting His name “Ya Afuw’vo”. She should read it for twelve thousand and five-hundred time a day and continue the practice for eleven days. The word “Afuw’vo” means the “Forgiver” and the “Pardoner”. It means, while reciting this Wazifa for husband, you are actually saying to Allah “O Forgiver”. And when you repeat the same for thousands of times daily, you will definitely be bestowed with Divine Forgiveness and your prayer will be answered positively.

A beautiful name of Allah “Al-Ali” means the “Most High”. It can also be used as a Wazifa for husband. If you call Allah Almighty “O the Most High” for eleven hundred times, the practice will invoke the love and affection in the heart of the husband. In other words, his harsh and rude behavior will be transformed into the one replete with politeness and kindness. However, you are required to continue this Wazifa for at least forty days.

How to Ensure Effectiveness of Wazifa for Husband:

Sometimes, it may seem to you that your prayers are not being answered. That’s only a wrong perception. It is never the case that someone’s prayers are not answered. The thing is that you may not get the expected result as early as you want. And when you cannot get what you want, it may be due to certain important factors. For example, you may not really need the thing at that time. Secondly, you may have wronged someone and they would be praying to Allah for revenge.

While reciting Wazifa for husband, you must make sure that you prey five times a day, recite the Holy Quran on daily basis and do not wrong others in anyway. If you have any of these deficiencies, try to remove and address them at the earliest. In case you wronged someone and they have died, you can just pray to Allah for their forgiveness and raising their rank in the heaven.

At times, it may happen that you fulfill all the criteria for the acceptance of your prayer and even then your prayers are not brining immediate result. There may some strategy of Allah Almighty involved in that but purely for your own benefit. Just keep on praying and you’ll definitely get what you want.


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