Qurani Wazifa For Enemy in Urdu

دشمن سے حفاظت کیلئے وظیفہ

Qurani Wazifa for Enemy

Before switching directly on to the main topic of “Wazifa for enemy”, let’s deal with the seemingly strange statement or claim, “No one can be either friend or foe of anyone but one’s own”. Don’t understand? Let put it in the second person narrative, “You cannot do good or harm to no one but yourself”... Read More...

Wazifa For Enemy in Urdu

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Wazifa For Enemy

It appears to be going against the logic and the ground realities existing around you.

For judging the truth and authenticity of this statement, you need to take the life and actions of an individual in the perspective of both the worlds, i.e. the world you are living in and the one hereafter. Just see, if a person does good to someone, they are actually doing good to themselves because they will be rewarded for that goodness or virtue in this world or the one hereafter. On the other hand, people get punished for their wrong deeds either in this life or the life after death. So, one should be warned about the sure consequences of one’s actions and focus more on benefitting others in every possible way.

However, believing in this all-worldly philosophy does not mean that you should show no opposition to enemies and be ready to accept and bear the atrocities inflicted by such persons. It is simple and straightforward in Islam that you should neither wrong anyone or allow others to wrong you. It means you have to fight the evil-minded people and spoil their nefarious plans through physical as well as spiritual might. Meantime, if you don’t fight for your right, it will again be a negligence on your part, entitling you for punishment.

Sometimes, you have to fight with the potential enemies both openly and silently. One of the silent way of defeating a rival is to seek Allah’s help. And revoking Allah’s help can be done through Wazifa for enemy. A Quranic Wazifa for protection against enemies involves the recitation of certain verses from the Noble Quran either individually or collectively (as a complete chapter or Surah) on regular basis for a given time period. Such a Wazifa can also be done by doing rehearsal of the names of Allah Almighty.

Here are some of the ways to do Wazifa for enemy.

Ya Raheem:

The Arabic word “Ya Raheem” means “O Merciful!” or “O Kind!” If you want to come under the protection of Allah from an enemy, make the recitation of this name your habit. Soon you will be able to notice the real difference.

Ya Jabbar:

“Ya Jabbar” is a beautiful name of Allah which means “O the All Dominant” or “O the Compeller”. It is an effective Wazifa for enemy. It you recite this Wazifa two hundred and twenty-six time (226) each day, Allah will provide safety from the harmful actions of the enemy. Moreover, the reader will also be rewarded with wealth, respect and status.

Ya Khafiz:

Meaning “O the Abaser”, “Al-Khafiz” can be recited as a Wazifa to subdue enemy. If you happen to encounter the bitterest enemy, ask for Allah’s help by reciting this Wazifa for seven thousand times. An alternative way to do this Wazifa is to observe fast for three days and do rehearsal of “Ya Khafiz” for five hundred times. As a result, the heart of the cruel person will melt and he will become merciful.

Surah Muhammad:

You can recite Surah Muhammad as a Quranic Wazifa for enemy. The recitation of this chapter of the Holy Quran has proved to be very effective in overpowering the enemies and the oppressors. Through this Wazifa, the oppressor will not only stop hurting you but also become harmless to others permanently.

Surah Nooh:

Surah Nooh is a chapter (chapter No. 71) of the Holy Quran which is about the Prophet Noah (AS). Reciting it can serve as a Wazifa for enemy especially when someone is causing hindrance in your virtuous deeds. Reading this Surah can also be effective for getting rid of a person who insults and degrades you. You need to recite it 111 times on regular basis for eleven days. Your enemy will no more be the cause of harm or insult to you.

What’s Needed to Bring Expected Results from a Wazifa?

If you want to get expected or desired results from a Wazifa for enemy, you need to be careful about certain things. Firstly, pray five times a day at the right time and with full concentration. Regular recitation and comprehension of the Holy Quran is also essential. Secondly, always refrain from hurting or harming others in any way. If you have unwittingly harmed someone, ask for forgiveness and offer compensation. The third important thing regarding the effectiveness of Wazifa is to have faith in Allah and strongly believe that He will fulfill your lawful desires.


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