Wazifa For Rizq - Rizq Ka Wazifa in Urdu

حصول رزق کیلئے بہترین وظیفہ

Wazifa For Rizq

No doubt, Allah is the sole provider of everything to everyone. But it is also the way of Allah that he gives more to some than others. One of the reasons that some may have more than the others is they make more effort. As there is the mention in the Noble Quran... Read More...

Wazifa For Rizq - Rizq Ka Wazifa in Urdu Wazifa For Rizq Barkat

Wazifa For Rizq From Quran

Wazifa For Rizq

“There is nothing for man but for which he makes effort.”

It also happens that, sometimes, you do not get what you want in spite of making every type of possible effort. It may be because Allah might be having some different plan for you which would be the better one.

Anyhow, on repeated requests, He (Allah) definitely grants your wish. One of the best ways to bring increase in provisions is to say the prayers five times a day on regular basis. By saying prayers, you not only get physical benefits but also the spiritual peace, i.e. the peace of mind. Meanwhile, as you pay heed to Allah’s orders, He takes care of your needs and rightful wishes.

In addition to saying prayers and doing other righteous deeds, you can also recite Wazifa for Rizq. The recitation of Wazifa for Rizq is also an effective way to bring an increase in your wealth and provisions.

A good Wazifa for Rizq is to recite “Ya Razzaq” as much as you can on daily basis. New ways of increase in your Rizq will be opened which you won’t even be expecting. Similarly, if you make it your routine to recite Surah Al-Fath after the Fajar prayer, your wealth will increase day by day.


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