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Gemstones Information in Urdu

A piece of mineral crystal that is used for making jewelry is usually known as a gem or gemstone in Pakistan. You may also call it with other popular names, such as jewel, fine gem or a precious stone or birthstone according to stars. The gemstones price in Pakistan vary according to color, type, luster and other factors like origin etc.Read More..

As an exception, some non-mineral substances have got unusually high luster and are, therefore, considered as valuable for usage in jewelry.

What Makes Gemstones So Valuable?

In majority of the cases, gemstones are hard but the ones made up of organic materials are not that much hard and the gemstones price in Pakistan vary according to these factors. Whatever the case may be, these gifts of nature are liked by everyone across every corner of the globe. Every star has its own birthstone and these birthstones have different color variations and quality and there are various gemstones names in urdu which are used in Pakistan for the jewellry of men and women.

There are different factors that contribute to the value of gemstones. The first and foremost reason is that of the amount of luster and beauty emanating from them. When a stone looks more attractive, it should undoubtedly be more valuable. The second important factor that contributes to the worth of a gem is its ability to glow in the darkness. There are stones that are capable of glowing so vividly in the pitch dark environment. So, they should be costlier. Thirdly, the rarity of a mineral crystal also adds to its worth. In the same way, the artificial shortage of a gem as created by the hoarders may significantly add to its price. Above the gemstone names are given with urdu and english names.

What Renders Color to Gemstones?

Do you know the gemstones color visible on a precious stone is not its own? Well, let’s reveal the secret here that birthstone colors define the type of a gemstone. The color of a gem is actually one of the colors of white light. White light, coming from the sun, is composed of seven different colors, namely, violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. When this light falls on a gem, the majority of colors are absorbed and just one is reflected. The color thus reflected gives particular appearance to the stone.

Are Gems Used in Raw Form?

Though gems may be used in the raw form, but in most of the cases they are cut into different attractive shapes and then polished. Cutting and polishing of these mineral crystals is an art. People associated with this profession have special skills and craftsmanship to accomplish this task. While doing so, they also need to be very careful because little carelessness may spoil the whole thing. Obviously, all this cannot be done by hand. So, they take the help of tools and machinery. Sometimes, beautiful and intricate patterns are made with the combination of gems and metallic substances. They are meant to be worn as ornaments, including rings and ear rings.

Enhancing the Color and Clarity of Gem Stones:

Gemstones are often treated to enhance their color and clarity. Different ways of treating them have been in vogue and are still practiced. The type and extent of treatment is likely to affect its value. There are some treatments that result in the formation of a stable gem that is more valuable. One of the most widely practiced treatment measures is that of heat which has been in vogue for centuries. Once treated with heat, a precious stone gets significantly enhanced both in color and clarity. Another treatment method is that of radiation. This technique has the potential to change the color of a gem. For example, radiation can change diamonds into fancy color diamonds.


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