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زبرجد - پتھر

Zabarjad Price in Pakistan

One of the most beautiful stones is a gift of Allah the great. Its shape is same like Zamurd (Emerald) so there is always a confusion while buying peridot stone in Pakistan from the market. There are several peridot stone benefits as described by the astrologists and scientists. So peridot price in Pakistan very accoring to origin, purity and color. Read More..

Peridot - Agate Peridot Information in Urdu

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Peridot Colors and Beauty

Peridot is vey similar to diamond and peridot stone is one of the most beautiful stones in the lineup as judged by peridot colours and shine. Its resemblence with diamond increases peridot price in Pakistan as the demand rises because of its usage in the engagement rings. Different pendants for women in our market uses this precious stone for making various jewellery items but it must be recognised clearly before purchasing it.

Peridot Price in Pakistan

Peridot price in Pakistan varies according the quality of this stone, normally it can be bought in 400 rupees per carat. Zabarjad stone price may also vary according to the shape and clarity of the stone. Asad(Leo) is the star which can use this magnificent stone. It will bring in marvelous changes in the personality of leo personalities. .

Peridot Birthstone Stars

This can be worn by any of the star as it has no negative impact on any person. But mostly Joza(Gemini) and Asad(Leo) can use peridot stone for their jewellery. The beauty of this birthstone is more applying and attract people therefore it should be preffered while ordering ornaments for any party of event.

Characteristics of Peridot

1) It bring properity for the wearer of this stone.

2) It sharpens the creative quality of the person who wears it.

3) It softens the mood and demeanour and save from depression.


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