Color and Price of Aqeeq Stone Benefits in Urdu


Aqeeq Stone Introduction In Urdu

The name of agate is derived from the place where it was first discovered, i.e. the Achetes River in Sicily. In Urdu, it is known as “Aqeeq”. Belonging to the minerals of quartz family, agate occurs in a number of varieties in nature. In most of the cases, it is banded in stripes or layers.Read More..

Aqeeq - Agate Aqeeq Information in Urdu

اصلی عقیق کی مردانہ انگوٹھیاں

Aqeeq Information in Urdu

اصلی عقیق کی زنانہ انگوٹھیاں

Aqeeq Information in Urdu

Agate Information in Urdu

Sometimes, “eye” markings, specks of colors and fossils are used to add to their grace. There are concentric bands of various different colors which are arranged in such a way that they look like rainbow. Just like zircon, it also occurs in the colorless form.

Stars of Aqeeq As Birthstone

There are different stars which can use aqeeq stone as birthstone and following are the astrology stars which use aqeeq as birthstone. Aqrab(Scorpio), Sumbla(Virgo) and Sartan(Cancer) can wear it for their benefits. Also Dilo(Aquarius)can wear black agate or siah aqeeq and Hamal(Aries) can use Aqeeq Yamni. Other than these birthstones Yellow Aqeeq can also be used by the males and females of Joza(Gemini).

History and Origin of Agate:

Discoveries have shown that Neolithic people were the first to use agate in their artifacts in Babylon. People used agate stone in their ornaments and believed that it would save them from bad luck and illness according to the history of agate. The ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations also associated healing power with this gemstone known as aqeeq stone. Such a property made it popular throughout the African continent, the Middle East and even Russia—world’s largest country by area. The amazing characteristic of agate inspired the need for the establishment of an industry for stone-cutting and polishing in Germany in the 15th century which exists till today.

Metaphysical Properties of Aqeeq in Pakistan:

Looking at the metaphysical characteristics of agate or aqeeq in Pakistan, it has got relatively low intensity. In comparison with other such stones, it can vibrate to a low frequency. The aqeeq stone names in urdu are described here and it is also known to have great stability and strength, there are many aqeeq stone benefits in urdu which can worth reading. Though seemingly delicate, the layers of bands are wonderfully strong.People think of it as having magical powers that can balance the negative and positive forces in the universe. At the same time, it is also believed that Aqeeq can harmonize and balance the intellectual, physical and emotional energies in the body.

Aqeeq/Agate Colour and Types:

You will be surprised to know that there are hundreds of different types of agates that can be found in almost every part of the world. The swirls of color bands on them are so fascinating. Their metaphysical properties cause even greater amazement. Here follows a list of some of the most popular agate types:

Fire Agate/Spiritual Flame:

Also called the perfect spiritual flame, fire agate contains great mysteries in its crystal of deep brown color. Fiery ambers start emanating from the stone as you just touch it with finger. As you peep into its depths, you will see flames coming from its chambers.

Elegant Blue Lace Agate:

The sky-blue color patterns and soft and soothing elegance of the blue lace agate leave an extremely pleasing effect on the eyes of the viewer. Metaphysically, it is thought to give support and encouragement to the individuals wearing it. However, it cannot protect from disease.

Dendrite Agate – The Stone of Plentitude:

As the very name suggests, the Stone of Plentitude or dendrite agate is considered the source of success and progress in every field of liferanging from agriculture to business. The ancient Greeks associated it with tree spirits and dryads. For the sake of getting good harvest, they buried it in the soil at the time of harvesting crops.

Crazy Lace Agate –The Laughter Stone or Happy Lace:

Alternatively known as ‘happy lace’ or laughter stone, it is thought to give pleasure and joy to those who wear it. Like the blue lace agate, it does not give protection against illness but instead promotes optimism and elevates thoughts. The lacy patterns give rise to circular flow of energy which, in turn, stimulates the mind.

Laguna Agate – The Most Praised Banded Agate:

The World’s most highly praised banded agate, the Laguna agate is characterized by very tight banding which gives off vibrant shades of scarlet and red color. It is limited to just four square miles in a mountainous range of Mexico.

Summing up, various types of agates are believed as possessing amazing metaphysical properties that are the source of security, warmth, maturity, stability, protection and self-confidence for the individual wearing them. There are certain types of agates which are associated with power to protect against bad luck and illness. Pregnant women wear it for the safety and health of their fetus.The list of the metaphysical properties is fairly long.


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