Yaqoot Stone in Pakistan, Benefits in Urdu


Yaqoot Stone Benefits in Urdu

The mesmerizing look of garnet stone has made it the most famous dark red gemstone in Pakistan. They are widely used as decorative pieces in jewelry and the yaqoot benefits in urdu tell how it is beneficial for the personality of males and females. It can easily be faceted into several different kinds of jewelry, including ring, earring, bracelet and necklaces. Read More..

Yaqoot - Garnet Yaqoot Stone Introduction in Urdu

اصلی یاقوت کی مردانہ انگوٹھیاں

Yaqoot Stone Introduction in Urdu

Yaqoot Stone For star Capricorn and Aquarius Yaqoot Stone ki Pehchan in Urdu Yaqoot Stone Benefits in Urdu

Garnet - The Most Famous Dark Red Gem:

This incredibly attractive gemstone is known as ‘Yaqoot” in Urdu language. In this article, you will also find some useful content and information about garnet in Urdu.

What Makes Garnet the Most Desirable Gem?

Here it should also be noted that some varieties are more popular as jewelry gemstone than the other. The demand of a type of garnet, called Rhodolite, is growing day by day. Garnets not only look exclusively beautiful in jewelry but they are also easily affordable. Meanwhile, there are also some rare varieties of the gem which are significantly costly, such as Demantoid and Tsavorite. It is in fact the rarity which adds to their price.

Color Patterns:

The fame and demand of Yaqoot is owed to the unique dark red appearance of the stone. At the same time, it occurs naturally in several other hues. They are usually found in the red, black, gray, purple, pink and brown colors. Yaqoot is also likely to exhibit some other colors, like yellow, orange and green.

Some garnets, such as Black Melanite and yellow Grossular, are known for their peculiar characteristic of color change. In means, their appearance changes as you view the gemstone in two different environments of natural and artificial light.

Varieties of Garnet:

There are a number of different varieties of garnet which occur naturally and are characterized by a specific color. Among them, six have become very popular, including Uvarovite, Almandine, Grossular, Pyrope, Andradite and Spessartite.

Mali garnet is another type of the stone which has the prefix “Mali” attached to it particularly because it signifies the country of its origin. It is not all – you will also come across other such stones which are named after the country of their origin, e.g. Mozambique garnet. It is one of the very fine varieties, exhibiting a catchy red hue.

Do you know which variety of garnet is most common in the world? Well, it is Almandine. Here you will be surprised to know that Almandine is opaque and is not considered suitable for its use as a gemstone. However, there are some sub-varieties of garnet which are relatively transparent and reddish in appearance. This is what adds to their demand and utility as a gem.


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