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Opal Gemstone

There is a great variety and diversity of gemstones in the world, some of which are single colored while others are multicolored. Among the ones with multiple hues, opal is the most colorful gemstone. On viewing it, you will get a splendid display of colors that is unmatched in beauty and fascination. Read More..

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Opal – Most Colorful Gemstone:

For the lovers of gems, the extremely splendid types are more valuable than even diamond. This incredibly valuable stone exhibits the phenomenon of opalescence. On the basis of the phenomenon of opalescence, it gives off flashes of iridescent colors.

The amazing display of iridescent flashes changes with the change in the viewing angle. Sometimes, you will see a number of tiny, dense flashes while, at the other times, there may be large, individual flashes.

How to Determine Value?

Though opal gem, in general, is considered very valuable, the price may vary across different varieties. An important factor that contributes to the determination of its value is the distribution and intensity of colorful flashes that are given off by the stone.

Common versus Precious Opals:

Do you know there are also opals which do not show a play of colors? This type of the gem is known as common opals. On the other hand, the gems that show a play of colors are termed as precious opals. In each of these categories, there are further sub-categories.

The black opal is regarded as the most precious one. Its preciousness is owed to the strong play of colors that comes from it. With relatively less strong play of color, the white opal comes next in value to it. The fire opal and Mexican fire opal are other highly desired types of the gem.

In fact, you will come across lots of types of opals with different hues and varying intensity of colors which, in turn, contribute to their price.


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