Weekly Horoscope For Libra

میزان کا ہفتہ کیسا گزر سکتا ہے

Strive For Balance And Harmony

Libra's are born pacifiers. The sign of Libra symbolizes balance and they are often found as a balancing force between two situations to reach harmony. They have strong hatred for cruelty, injustice, tyranny and are always contemplating about reconciliation and de-escalating the matters between the rival parties.Read More...

Weekly Horoscope For libra

Libra Star Information (22nd September-23rd October):

These people are amazing for encouraging co-operation and finding peaceful solutions for the problems. Generally, they are patient and easy going individuals but may turn angry if irritated.

Highly Compassionate And Empathetic

Libra's are generous, compassionate and always sensitive to the needs of others. They have a shrewd judgment and can easily figure out about the emotional needs of their companions. This makes these individuals great people to be friends with! If anything goes wrong, they do their best to co-operate and compromise for the sake of others.

They Are Unbiased

Libra individuals are unbiased and detest favoritism. They are considerate towards other peoples point of view and might blend it with theirs before taking any decision. They would take the blame on themselves but would never spoil a relationship. The idea of unity is what they endorse the most.

Intelligent And Intuitive

Libra's are extremely intelligent people who readily respond to their intuitions. They are content with what they have and always strive to grow better. Librans are also blessed with incredible communication skills and often make great hosts and hostesses.

Self-Indulgent And Selfish

Librans can be self-indulgent and selfish. When they are supposed to protect themselves, they would forget the entire world. Another visible flaw in their personality is their unreliability. Never ever confide in Librans is what they say!

Librans Don't Make Good Decision Makers

Librans can be indecisive at time. They may rush into a decision without no or very little regard for consequences. Owing to their indecisiveness, Librans can be a mere disappointment for others.


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