Weekly Horoscope For Gemini

جوزا کا ہفتہ کیسا گزر سکتا ہے

Curious And Inquisitive

One of the dominant features of Gemini's personality is curiosity. Their curious and inquisitive nature is always at work, looking for diverse ways to alleviate its concerns. They make very intriguing people and want to know the answer to every question.Read More...

Weekly Horoscope For gemini

Gemini Star Information (21st May-21st June):

Gemini individuals have a deep settled urge to retain their youth and remain enthusiastic for the entire life. It's almost impossible to predict their moods as they go through tremendous mood fluctuations. No one knows why they do what they do!

Multi-Talented, Dynamic And Versatile

Gemini's make the most multi-talented people you will ever come by in your life. These individuals are the most versatile people you would find around and can successfully handle multiple-tasks at a time. This dynamic trait enables them to indulge in various tasks while maintain a beautiful balance between them.

They Like Experimenting

Gemini individuals are fond of experimenting with their lives all the time. They would engage into anything they find interesting. Be it food, accessories or a new adventure, they never refrain from giving it a shot! That makes them the most amazing people on this planet. Another good thing about Gemini's is their flexibility. They are never reluctant in adapting or accepting any given situation. This makes them great at work!

They Possess Exceptional Communication Skills

These individuals are blessed with exceptional communication skills and usually make great debaters. They are curious, talkative, versatile and enthusiastic which makes them great public figures. They are social butterflies that love to chit chat all the time.

They Are Inconsistent And Irresolute

Gemini's are inconsistent with whatever they do. They abruptly shift from one task to another with no or little regard for consequences. Gemini's tend to move forward and never live in the past, which can make people think that they are insensitive or inconsiderate to the needs of others.


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