Stomach Problems Solution Tib e Nabvi

معدے سے منسلک ہر بیماری کا علاج

Stomach Problems Solution

Let's take a look at an important hadith by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Following hadith is taken up by many authentic books and sources. I heard Muhammad (P.B.U.H) saying" A man filled no pot bigger than man's stomach. To a human it is enough to eat morsels enough to keep the back straight. Read More...

Stomach Problems Solution Tib e Nabvi

Stomach Problems Solution Tib e Nabvi

But if self and bodily desires have surrounded the man then he should keep one third of his belly to fill, and the remaining one third for breathing”

Care Of The Stomach Is Necessary.

Above hadith is 3349 of the book IBN-E-Maja. It highlights the importance of the stomach and gives an idea of basic care for a healthy stomach.

We are dealing with the problem of diet and stomach just because we are not following the natural and required care for our stomach. In the world, every second person is trapped in this disease. To come out of it we can follow the given method by Holly Prophrt (P.B.U.H).

High concentration of food.

This is a very common disease in all people. The high concentration in the stomach damages the stomach, which adversely affects the whole body's functioning. Very main reason for this disease is “eating another food while the first one is still in the digestional process”. When we store a large amount of food in our stomach, only a very small portion of it is used for energy or for improving the functioning of our body. The rest just goes to waste, affecting us negatively.

Eat Only When You Need

Following this disrupt pattern we make ourselves indulged in other dangrous diseases. So eating with need and desire will benefit the health much more than eating for nothing and storing for nothing.

The life of Holly Prophet is full of such amazing tools that we can use in our daily lives to attain peace and satisfaction at the next level. There is a fact that things can change with the change of environment, climate, and area; therefore, it is advisable to seek the advice of a doctor before taking any actions. The holy prophet Muhammad PBUH said,

"There is no disease whose cure is not sent by Allah".

An individual's stomach can be compared to a pool where all their nerves reach. When our stomach is healthy, all the nerves in the body supply health. The same thing happens when the Stomach is ill, all the nerves in the body supply unhealthy symptoms.

How Honey Is Best For Stomack? (Tib-e-Nabawi)

Once a companion came, and said, "My brother is in pain." Holy Prophet replied, "Let him try honey." He then came again with the same complaint, nearly three or four times he complained, and Holy Prophet kept suggesting honey. When Holy Prophet answered him the same complaint last time "Indeed Allah is true, and your brother's stomach is lying", he then gave his brother honey again, and he was cured.

According to the above incident, honey is good for the stomach, but the wastes have to come out of it. Honey gives power to the stomach, which makes it decide to empty itself. Therefore, we should never stop the stomach in this case, and let it operate as it naturally would.


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