Sans Ki Bimari Ka ilaj Tib-e-Nabvi Sey

سانس کی بیماری کا علاج طبِّ نبوی ﷺ سے

Treatment of Breathing Problem

In most cases asthma is the result of breathing problems.Some of the Patients of asthma face the problem for a long time but they don't get any intensive attack of asthma, but in some patients it happens once but very intensively. There are different reasons, common reasons are listed below. Read More...

Sans Ki Bimari Ka ilaj Tib-e-Nabvi Sey

1) Smoking

2) Addictive Medicines

3) Environmental Pollution

4) Weak Immune System

Following are the best 5 solutions for breathing problems given by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Solution No 01


1) Pistasia Integrima

2) Clove

3) Sweet Potato


Grand these all after taking an equal amount of each item, make it brown and then mix honey with it. Two times during daytime can be used by children and elders as well. 2 Spoons upto 2 years, 1 and a half upto 15 and 1 for the elders.

Solution No 02


1) Akhat-O-Dos (one Spoon)

2) Burjanas (one Spoon)

3) Zeera (one Spoon)

4) Gul-Mundi (one Spoon)

5) Dar-Cheeni (one Spoon)


Mix all items and make powder, one spoon in morning and one in the evening will headed the situation toward betterment.


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