Kaan Kay Dard ka Fori ilaj Tib-e-Nabvi Sey

کان کے درد کا علاج طب نبوی ﷺ سے

Earache Treatment By TIBB-E-NABAWI

In Earache time seems to have stopped and all the beauty around comes to be irritating. Among the several reasons for this situation, the main are sore throat, allergy infection, wound, or the water involvement which may cause this pain. And for all these reasons we have the very best techniques which help to cure the problem. Read More...

Kaan Kay Dard ka Fori ilaj Tib-e-Nabvi Sey

Here are the top 5 treatments for earache given by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Treatment No 01

Cut the Radish into thin pieces, then leave it to get warmth on low fire with the mustard oil.

Extract the juice and pour it in the bottle with the help of a thin cloth.

Use it in the ear, at the time when you feel pain.

Treatment No 02

Using the juice of onion is helpful for the earache.

Treatment No 03 (Treatment of Noise in The Ear)

To Avoid the noise in the ear, use of little hot warm mustard oil in morning and evening could be helpful.

Treatment No 04 (Treatment of Pus and Itching in the ear)

Take a qash of garlic, 11.7g vermilion, and cook it with 11.7g oil. Filter and save the oil in a bottle or jar when ginger changes its shape.

Treatment No 05 (Treatment of Deafness)

Warm the eight cloves of the garlic with little gingelly oil. Two drops of this solution in morning and evening may help to improve much.


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