Jild Ki Bimarion Ka Ilaj Sunnat-e-Nabvi Say

جلدکی بیماریوں کا علاج طبِّ نبوی ﷺ سے

Treatment Of Face Skin Problems

Following the way of Hazrat Ayesha R.A, we have solutions to every problem and treatment to every disease in Tibb-E-Nabawi.Read More...

Jild Ki Bimarion Ka Ilaj Sunnat-e-Nabvi Say Jild Ki Bimarion Ka Ilaj Sunnat-e-Nabvi Say

Treatment No 01:

Hazrat Ayesha R.A used Kamal (Qust-Ul-Behri) and Olive oil to enhance her facial charm and beauty. She took 10 percent of Kamal and mixed it with 90 percent of olive oil and then she left to warm the oils on a low flame but before boiling she extracted the oil and left it for cooling. Kamal (Qust-Ul-Behri) looks like Crocus found in white or purple colour. A good standard Kamal has a hazelnut colour and this quality helps to have a shining face. Do not use this lotion for several hours, two hours are enough to have a good effect. Wash and dry your face then massage the wetty with this lotion.

Treatment No 02:

Importance of the Costus Root is repeated many times in Hadiths. This herb can help to remove marks, pimples and lines on the face. This herb has the potential to solve 90 percent of face problems. Do not use more than an hour.

Treatment No 03:

Use of vegetables helps a lot to deal with skin problems, with these treatments you can get more good results using vegetables and pumpkin is the best ever vegetable for your skin.

Treatment No 04:

Mixing Costus Root honey and rosewater will not only end the marks,lines and pimples on the surface of face skin but will help to reduce unwanted hairs on the face.

For the Marks and Dark Circles :

Wash your face with the Solution of Honey, pure vinegar of grapes and rose water once in a day and once before going to bed.

Face Lotion According to Tibb-E-Nabawi

Take a mixture of 50ml rose water, pure honey 50ml, coconut water 50ml, galacrine 50ml, Kamal (Qust e Behri) 20gm, and use it every night before you go to sleep. A clear result from ending the Dark marks around neck to lines on face can be noted after using it for a few times.


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