High Blood Pressure Ka Ilaj Tib e Nabvi Se

ہائی بلڈ پریشر کا علاج طبِّ نبوی ﷺ سے

High Blood Pressure Ka Ilaj

Almost Every second person is a patient of High Blood Pressure.Every year, On 17th May, as an international day, more people are informed about this disease. There are no certain symptoms of High Blood Pressure and it appears when the body is in a dangerous state. Youth and the elders all seem to be facing this disease. One main reason behind this disease is our modern way of living life. Depression , hopelessness and complexion cause High Blood Pressure.Read More...

High Blood Pressure Ka Ilaj Tib e Nabvi Se High Blood Pressure Ka Ilaj Tib e Nabvi Se

High Blood Pressure Ka Ilaj Tib e Nabvi Se

Basic Reasons

There are five basic reasons for High Blood Pressure.

  • 1) Fatness
  • 2) High usage of oil or oily products
  • 3) Low exercise
  • 4) Smoking
  • 5) Mentally, Professionally and Economic pressure of winning the race also results in High Blood Pressure.

80/120 or below to this is usually normal Blood Pressure, However if it is 90/140 or above than this then you are recommended to have treatment from a good doctor. Prevention is always better than the cure, there are some certain ways which help you to have good health before you get sick.

Treatment 01


  • 1) Rose Water
  • 2) Fennel Seed
  • 3) Cumin


Take four spoons of rose water in a glass, mix a half spoon cumin and a half spoon fennel seed in and leave it covered for a whole night and drink it with empty stomach in the morning without filtering it. Repeat this for a few days in the morning. Those who drink this water daily won’t face High Blood Pressure.

Treatment 02

  • 1) SnakeRoot
  • 2) Coriander


Grind these items and use the product a half teaspoon in morning and in evening.

Treatment 03

  • 1) Large Black Aromatic seeds
  • 2) Honey 1 Spoon

Take one piece of large black aromatic seed and grind it within its clove then eat with the honey in the morning and in the evening. You will remain safe from the High Blood Pressure.


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