Gurdon Ka Ilaj Tib-e-Nabvi Say

گردوں کا علاج طبِّ نبوی ﷺ سے

Gurdon Ka Ilaj

>All the organs that nature has blessed humans with to continue their activities, play a significant role. Similarly, everyone knows the function of the kidneys very well. Majority of people know that the main function of the kidneys is to clean the body of waste and chemical material.Disorder in this function brings a lot of suffering and damage to the kidneys. Read More...

Gurdon Ka Ilaj Tib-e-Nabvi Say Gurdon Ka Ilaj Tib-e-Nabvi Say

Gurdon Ka Ilaj Tib-e-Nabvi Say

Kidney Treatment That Is Easy:

Level of Creatinine in the blood depends upon age, body and size.

There may need to be careful when its level in females goes up to 1.2 and 1.4 in males.

Treatment No 01:

  • One Melon ( Small Size)
  • Sharbat E Bazoori ( Two Spoon)
  • Arq-E-Badbaan (One cup)

Cut the small Melon with its cloves and seeds, pour it into the juicer machine to mix everything, then add two spoons of Sharbat-E-Bazoori, then mix in one cup of Arq-e-badbaan, then shake it very well.

Extract the juice when all items get mixed together then keep drinking the juice all day, glass by glass.

This treatment for one week will bring smoothness in the working system of your kidneys.

Treatment 02 :

To End stones in the Kidneys:

  • Kalanthi ki daal (100mg)
  • Bhutty k baal (100mg)
  • Water (5 litres)

Prepare the first two items in 5 litres of water until 4 litres remain in the pot.

Use 4 litres of fresh water daily for two to three days. The stones in the kidneys will disappear after 3 to 4 days of treatment.

Treatment 03:

This treatment is also called, Herbal laser treatment.

  • Sarphoka (20mg)
  • Seeds of Melon (20 mg)
  • Soya (10mg)
  • Rai Dana (10mg)
  • Ghogru (30mg)

Grind all of the above items and then eat one fourth spoon daily after breakfast and lunch.

Patient will feel the stones coming out.

Repeat this at least for one month and use more and more water during this treatment.

After completion of the first seven days, put one grain of Musatagi Roomi in boiled water with rose petals and sugarcane for the next seven days.

This will help you to heal from infection after the extraction of stones.


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