Numerology Number 8 - Adad 8 Ki Khususiyaat in Urdu

آتھ (8)

Numerology Eight

Understanding the meaning of number 8 is important especially for those born on 8th, 17th or 26th of any month. The carriers of number 8 numerology are business-mined people with an authoritative mind. Owing to their realistic and balanced attitude, they are usually successful. They are the good judges of character.Read More...

Numerology 8 Chart and Personality Traits

Adad 8 Khususiyaat in Urdu Numerology Eight - Personality Traits in Detail Numerology Number 8 - As a Husband or Wife and Health Problems Numerology Number 8 Lucky Friends, Colors and Days & Dates Numerology Number 8 Lucky Jewels and Precautions

Meaning of Number 8:

Among the negative characteristics of the number 8, it is harsh, cruel and violent. Their insensitivity may earn them bad reputation in the society and at the workplace. At the same time, the 8s are likely to show religious intolerance.

"Balance and power" are the principal traits of the number 8. The shape of the number 8 also reflects balance and equality.

Who Are Born Under the Influence of Number 8?

The individuals with date of birth between December 21 and January 26 or February 26 are under the influence of the Numerology number 8. The same number is assigned also to those born on 8th, 17th or 26 of any month. Meanwhile, the numerologists can determine the influence of a particular single digit or double digit number from their name.

A Misconception About 8:

Common people and the professionals alike mistakenly take 8 as a sign of power and money. In most of the cases, when a client is consulting a numerologist for the change of their name, they have the primary motive to cash the financial potential of the number.

Though the number puts maximum emphasis in career, business and authority, it does not necessarily serve as a source of great wealth. In fact, as the shape of the number reflects, its most important attribute is balance. It is a great Karmic equalizer which means you will reap what you have sown. The 8 creates a balance between the material and immaterial worlds. In other words, it is as materialistic as it is spiritual.

Numerology 8 – Main Characteristics:

Possessing balance and power as the main traits, the 8s are fond of classical and sad music. They are suitable for a management job which is a post fraught with tensions. Perhaps this is the reason for them showing intolerance and violence.

The main characteristics of the number 8 are discussed below.

Generous and Forgiving: As with all single-digit numbers, the 8 has both positive and negative sides. On the dark side, it is cruel, violent and greedy. But, on the positive side, you will find the 8s to be very generous and forgiving. They help the poor and the needy with an open heart. At the same time, they show the tendency to forgive the faults of others. And it is something very good about the number.

Physically Imposing: The strength and power is one of the basic traits of the number 8. So, the individuals born under the influence of this number are physically imposing. They can become good athletes and earn distinctions in sports requiring physical strength.

Practical & Straightforward: Practicality and straightforwardness is another essential characteristic of the 8s. That is why they are usually successful in their business and career. On the other hand, they are not particularly romantic. However, they do possess the elements of love and care.

Hyper Religious: Usually, the 8s are not religious. But when religious, they go to the extreme. They ignore all the opposition and keep on going the way towards the completion of their goals. Resultantly, many people become their enemies. But it does mean the 8s are in the wrong – they only preach the truth too harshly to be acceptable for the people.

Unpredictable Fate: Saturn is a complex plant. It is the ruling plant of the number 8 numerology. Under the influence of this planet, it becomes difficult to predict the fate of the 8s. They don’t know what is going happen in future and are forced to live a life of uncertainty.

Wise and Serious: People living under the influence of the 8 are usually wise and show a serious attitude. Even while making a minor decision, they think about all the possible positive and negative effects. But after making the decision, they won’t stagger and stick to it till the very end.

Managers by Birth: The 8s are managers by birth. They have extraordinary inborn qualities to serve in the post of management with success. Though authoritative, harsh and violent, they never like to do injustice to the subordinates.

Few Friends: The people with the number 8 are not good at making friends with others. They is why they usually have a few friends. However, they are very faithful and ready to face hardships for the benefit of their friends, the 8s.


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