Numerology Number 7 - Adad 7 Ki Khususiyaat in Urdu

سات (7)

Numerology Seven

As a believer in the science of numbers, you must know that your date of birth can define the entire path of your life. The numerologists claim that they can predict a complete course of events in a person’s life based on the year and date of birth. But how do they make predictions?Read More...

Numerology 7 Chart and Personality Traits

Adad 7 Khususiyaat in Urdu Numerology Seven - As a Husband or Wife, Financial Position Numerology Number 7 - Health, Lucky Life Partner and Profession Numerology Number 7 Lucky Friends, Colors and Days & Dates Numerology Number 7 Lucky Jewels and Precautions

Date of Birth to Define Entire Lifepath:

Actually, there are twelve numbers in numerology. Nine of these have single digit while the remaining consist of two digits. The single-digit numbers range from 1 to 9, and the double-digit numbers are 11, 22 and 33. The latter are the master numbers.

Each of these numbers is associated with a particular set of traits. The numerologists make calculations based on the day a person is born and assign them a specific number. The characteristics of a particular number are reflected in the person who is under its influence. For example, a person with lifepath number 7 would be a seeker, thinker and researcher.

Numerology Number 7 Meaning:

The number 7 is given the title of ‘The Seeker’. So, a person having a chart dominated by the 7 is the thinker and the researcher of truth. They don’t take the things at their face value and try to discover the hidden truths and underlying facts about them.

Major Positive & Negative Traits:

Here are some of the positive and negative traits of the 7, which should be of special interest to the person who follow the lifepath of number 7.

Positive Traits

In addition to being a lucky number, the 7 carries the wonderful qualities of spirituality, intelligence and analytical ability. It is knowledgeable, introspective and intuitive. Other positive qualities of the numerology number 7 include display of inner wisdom, graciousness and refined thinking.

Negative Traits

Like all other numbers in numerology, the 7 does carry some negative characteristics. For example, constant contemplation can make them sad and melancholic. They are also likely to become sarcastic and socially awkward. Back-stabbing is one of their worst qualities.

Who Follow the Lifepath Number 7?

If you are born between 21st June and 27th July, or have birthday on 7th, 16th or 25th of any month, you are likely to follow the lifepath number 7. If so, you will be under the influence of the planet Neptune. Your element is water and fortunate day is Monday. Surprisingly, as many as seven numbers in numerology, i.e. 2, 3, 6, 7 and 9, can be the suitable life partners of the 7.

Health and Finance:

Being so sensitive, the 7 may face health problems with little disturbance in life. If the job is of their interest, they will keep it doing for a long time. Otherwise, it will be unbearable for them to carry it on. They can easily fall victim to the ailments, like indigestion, infection, arthritis, irregularity in blood pressure, skin diseases and so on.

The financial life of the people with the numerology number 7 is full of ups and downs. They take little interest in the material things. So, they are seldom able to accumulate wealth. Such people earn money either through business or their creative abilities.

On the other hand, the women with the number 7 are more concerned about financial matters. So, they usually marry a person who is rich and financially stable.

The 7 as Husband:

In the role of husband, the 7 is very emotional and can understand the feelings of wife. Such a husband is very loving and carrying, and never tries to impose his opinions on his wife. He is careless in the matters of spending money and wants to lead a life full of luxury. They have a balanced family which is neither too big nor too small. Usually, they can make their family enjoy all the comforts of life.

The 7 as Wife:

The 7, in the role of wife, suffers from mood swings and is not worthy of trust. This type of women are restless and get worried over trivial matters. They prove to be very helpful in providing recreation to their friends. Inviting people to a dinner or some other ceremony is of special interest to them. She wants her husband to always take care of her.


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