Numerology 3 in Urdu - Number 3 Life Path, Compatibility

تین (3)

Numerology Three

Do you have the numerology 3 characteristics? Who are under the influence of this number? One of the ways to find out such people is to evaluate their date of birth. So, the people born on 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any month fall in the domain of this number. Read More...

Numerology 3

Numerology Three Numerology Number 3

Who Have the Numerology 3 Characteristics?

In addition, the individuals with date of birth between 19 February and 27 March or between 21 November and 27 December also come under the influence of numerology 3.

The people with number 3 have an optimistic and lively nature. They are also social and creative. At the same time, they have some negative traits. For example, they are peevish, selfish, talkative and make exaggerations.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of such individuals. Meanwhile, Tuesday and Friday are the fortunate days for the number 3. It means, if the people with number 3, start a business or some other adventure on either of these days, they will have more chances of success.

Key Facts about Number 3:

The number 3 in the science of numbers has some peculiar traits which are less likely to be present in other numbers. They have their own favorite taste, lucky period, suitable direction, sacred color, and so on. Here follows a brief overview of the key facts about number 3.

Positive Traits: The positive qualities of number 3 include social, creative and very optimistic. Meanwhile, the people under the influence of this number are ecstatic and have a lively nature. Also they are highly determined and strive to get control, authority and power. Kindness, civilization and love for discipline are some of their other traits.

Negative Traits: There are certain negative traits of the number 3. For example, the persons under the influence of this number are talkative and like to make exaggerations. Secondly, they are selfish and care for their own benefit only. Thirdly, these people are unruly and seldom like to come under the control of others.

Lucky Period & Favorable Months: The period from 19 February to 27 March and 21 November to 27 December is the lucky period from the number 3. They are likely to get some kind of financial or other benefit during this time of the year.

On the other hand, the favourable months for this number include March, June, September and December. It simply means any task or project started in any of these months will be successful.

Sacred Day, Color & Stone: Yellow sapphire or “Zard Neelam” is the sacred stone for the number 3. It means wearing this stone in ring will be beneficial for the people under the influence of this number. Among colors, yellow is the sacred one for numerology 3. Meanwhile, Friday and Tuesday are the sacred days for such people.

Favorite Taste and Favorable Metal: Sweet is the favorite taste of the people with number 3. In other words, they like sweet dishes more than anything else. However, the favorable metal is gold.

Numerology 3 as Husband and Wife:

The women and men with number 3 are a very good and lucky couple. The wife proves to be the best friend for her husband. She is noninterfering but takes deep interest in the business of her life partner. Such a woman shows compassion towards everyone and gives equal care to all the children. Her passions are full of life and fun.

A husband with numerology 3 is lucky and strong from the financial point of view. Such men are financially stable and keep on getting golden chances for financial prosperity in life. However, to earn more money, they have to maintain interest and passion in the business.

At the same time, it should be kept in mind that no one can get anything with hands on hands and not making any effort. The lucky thing for the number 3 is that such people get golden opportunity to become prosperous over a short time.

Also such individuals step into the practical life very early. It is because their thoughts and wisdom experience rapid growth. Consequently, with economic prosperity, they are able to make their wives happy and satisfied.

Numerology 3 Health Issues:

The individuals with number 3 are likely to face several health issues during their life including the heart diseases. For example, excess of work will put extra burden on the nervous system. Diabetes, pain in joints and skin diseases are some other disease that affect the individuals under the influence of number 3. The attach of the heart disease is usually in the old age.

Here it should be made clear that all these health problems are not necessarily the fate of the people with number 3. They can avoid all such diseases simply by taking preventive measures.

Preventive Measures: The people with number 3 can easily avoid the diseases that are likely to affect them. For example, if they take care of their diet, they will minimize the attack of diabetes and heart attack. As one of their traits, the people with this number like to eat fatty foods. So, they should avoid such things.

Healthful Vegetables and Fruits: Some vegetables and fruits are especially very useful for the number 3. The raw vegetables already have big health benefits for all and sundry. Beet (Chukandar) is very healthful. Cherry, strawberry, apple, peach, mulberry, pomegranate, olive, wheat and grapes are the fruits that the people with number 3 should eat on regular basis.

Numerology Lucky Professions:

There are some lucky professions for the individuals under the influence of number 3. These people have high ambitions and want to exercise control and authority over others. So, only specific professions are suitable for them. They include:

Politics and Judiciary: In the fields of politics and judiciary, they can become successful politicians and judges.

Acting and Advertising: Acting and advertising are the viable professions for the number 3. They can become eminent actors and efficient managers in the advertising agency.

Banking and Medicine: The fields of banking and medicine may serve as viable domains for job for the number 3.

Armed Forces and Education: The people with number 3 will feel more comfortable and satisfied in key positions in the armed forces. Meanwhile, the job of teaching is equally suitable and favorable for them.


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