Gumshuda Cheez Milne ki Dua

گم شدہ چیز ملنے کی دُعا

Gumshuda Cheez Milne ki Dua

Did you ever lose a thing you loved most in your life? If so, you might have looked for Gumshuda Cheez Milne Ki Dua too. The moment when you get your stolen or lost thing back would probably be one of the most pleasurable moments in your life. It is perhaps because you had suffered a lot while searching for that thing. It is something natural that the joy that follows a trouble is sweeter than usual... Read More...

Gumshuda Cheez Milne ki Dua

Some people find it almost impossible to show patience when a precious article seems no more in their hands.

They can invoke Allah’s help by reading Gumshuda Cheez Milne Ki Dua. Here you will learn about the Dua for a lost item in Islam. It has been taken from the Glorious Quran and is presented with Urdu and English translation.

Note: Impatiently searching for the lost item, the individuals may also resort to wrong or religiously prohibited means. For example, they may contact the practitioners of black magic. The practice of magic is one of the biggest (and unforgivable) sins in Islam. Moreover, such a person may also ask for a huge sum in return for finding your lost item.

So, the best way is always to utilize legal means and recite the Gumshuda Cheez Milne Ki Dua. While you do so, don’t forget to say Salah five times a day.

Gumshuda Cheez Milne Ki Dua:

When you read the translation of verse 24 of Chapter 18 (Surah Al-Kahf) of the Noble Quran, you come to know that you are praising Almighty Allah as having the power to guide you to the right direction when you go astray. This verse may be read as the Dua for lost item in Islam.

Here’s its translation into English:

“Except [when adding], "If Allah (Almighty) wills." And remember your Lord (Azawajal) when you forget [it] and say, "Perhaps my Lord (Azawajal) will guide me to what is nearer than this to right conduct.”


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