Ash Shakur


Ash Shakur in Meaning

In addition to the word Ash-Shakoor, shukr is the root word meaning a rise. Plants are abundant in an Arab region. Fattening is the same as describing an animal as such...Read More...

Ash Shakur

Surface or Verbal Meaning

It’s further verbal meanings are following:

  • An act of praising or commending
  • Recognizing beneficence
  • Thanks, acknowledgement
  • Gratitude, gratitude
  • Provide, provide abundantly, provide bountifully

Intended Meanings:

Shakoors are plants that can survive with a little water. Quite often, Al-Shakoor thanks those who appreciate acts of righteousness, charity, and kindness. Shakoor is a servant of Allah who never ceases to thank his Lord by obeying Him and carrying out the obligations he owes to Him according to His command. The purpose of Shukr is to spread goodness.

Deeper Understanding

Understanding the surface meaning could also be beneficial but a deeper and intended understanding is of great reward.lets have a look at the possible meanings of this beautiful name.

  • He who is most grateful for righteousness and bestows great rewards on good deeds.
  • One who generously rewards good works, even if they are small.
  • All acts of goodness, thankfulness, and praise are acknowledged and bountifully rewarded by the One who is good.
  • Frequently and greatly appreciating, rewarding and forgiving.

In The Qur’an:

This name also appeared many times in the Holy Qur’an and following are few verses in the reference to the importance of this name as follows.

  • "And the recompense of evil is a like punishment" (Quran, 42:40)
  • … and whoever does good spontaneously, surely Allah is Grateful, Knowing" (Quran, 2:158).
  • "Therefore remember me, so I will remember you, too, and be thankful to me, and do not be ungrateful to me" (Quran, 2:152).
  • "If you are grateful, I will certainly give you more, and if you are ungrateful, my chastisement is truly severe." (14:7)

Above all verses linked to the importance of this name. So keep calling Allah Almighty he is the one who will bless you and he is the one who bless the best.

Wird O Wazifa:

There are many benefits to this name. Here you will read about which situations and how many times of reading this name you'll get the results. Follow these guidelines.

For Fanacial Circumstances:

A person, if facing economical or financial pressure in society, reads this name in the following way will certainly get a way to come out of it.

  • Read this name after every prayer.
  • Read this 41 Times.

To Achieve Noble Aim:

Sometimes we have some Nobel and great deeds, and we also love to see them become true, but the fact is that there are hurdles in the way and we cannot meet reality. The family, society and some other relative hurdles are always there.

  • Read this name 200 times.
  • Read after Salat_Ul_Fajar.

Thus by all means, this name is wonderful and most influencing upon human beings and their circumstances. May Allah Almighty help us to call him in a prosperous and happy time as well as in the worries and hardships.


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