Meaning of Al Waahid Name of Allah in Urdu and English


Meaning of Al Waahid Name of Allah in Urdu and English

There is only one God, Allah. From him all has arisen, there is no other alternative. Neither a partner nor a relationship exists for him. No one can compare to Him. Let’s understand the meaning of this name through the Qur'an.Read More...

Al Waahid

According to the Qur'an:

We will be able to clarify our perceptions of this name by reading these verses.

  • Exalted is He; He is Allah, the One, the Prevailing. (Quran 39:4)
  • Say, “He is Allah, [who is] One (Quran 112:1).
  • And all creatures will come out before Allah, the One, the Prevailing. (Quran 14:48)

You'll easily be able to move on to the Wazifa of this name after reading the above verses.

Wird O Wazifa:

It is impossible to eliminate tension better than by reciting Wird-o-Wazifa. Our readers are encouraged to read God's name. Reading this name can also provide you with the following benefits.

To End Fear:

Reading this name 1000 times daily will remove all fear and love of this world from your heart. Anyone should be feared of God alone, not anything else. As a person who is strong, this is the Wazifa that will help you most.

  • Read in dim light
  • Try to read after a prayer
  • Do not talk meanwhile.

To Maintain Trust in Allah:

When we suffer hardships and worry, we can begin to lose our trust in Allah. By reading this name 100 times after Fajr prayer, the person will find his trust in Allah increasing.

  • Focus on the aim
  • Forget worries
  • Think He is the Great and One.
  • The one who runs the universe
  • The One who will end your problems.

To Have Kids:

IF you are worried about not having kids after your marriage, we recommend you write the name and keep it with you. Always keep thinking that.

  • Only Allah can create an end
  • He is the creator of the Universe.
  • To him creating or giving you a baby is not a problem.
  • He is hearing you
  • He knows your problem
  • He will plan better
  • Only he will bless you with happiness.

For more benefits and spirits of belief, read other names as well.


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