Benefits of Wazifa of Al Qayyoom in English and Urdu



It is Al-Qayyum's nature to exist, totally independent of everything and anyone. The origin of all things is through Al-Qayyum. He is Self-Sustained and Ever-Living. Al-Qayyum is the foundation of all existence. Let’s understand the meaning of this name through the Qur'an.Read More...

Al Qayyoom

According to the Qur'an:

By reading these verses, we'll be able to clarify our own understanding of this name.

  • Exalted is He; He is Allah, the One, the Prevailing. (Quran 39:4)
  • Say, “He is Allah, [who is] One (Quran 112:1).
  • And all creatures will come out before Allah, the One, the Prevailing. (Quran 14:48)

You'll easily be able to move on to the Wazifa of this name after reading the above verses.

Wird O Wazifa:

If you choose Wazifa to change your situation, it can be very beneficial. Following a certain method and discipline in remembrance of Allah Almighty is what Wazifa is all about. Almighty's names give us comfort and help us move with ease. Taking the time to read this name will provide you with certain benefits.

For prosperity and happiness:

It is always crucial to be happy and do no wrong to anyone when making the biggest decisions of our lives. As you read Allah’s name, do so with hope and faith.

  • After every prayer (Namaz)
  • Sit in a clean place
  • Read 100 times
  • Read slowly
  • Do not talk meanwhile.

Read the updated sections to find more information about other names.


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