Al Muakhkhir


Al Muakhkhir in Meaning

Al-Mu'akhkhir, to Allah, means to hold back or to delay. In the event of judgement, he can detain unbelievers and keep them waiting. The Wazifa of this name provides many of its benefits and comforts. Every name of Almighty is blessed upon the reader in both worlds. Learn what the name means and what the Wazifa is by reading the following sections. Read More...

Al Muakhkhir

According to the Qur'an:

You should always check the Holy Qur'an before performing Wazifa for a specific purpose to determine what it says or how it describes the name. Let's see what is signified in the following verses.

  • So the shriek seized them in truth, and We made them as [plant] stubble. Then away with the wrongdoing people. (Quran 23:41)
  • Allah will forgive you of your sins and delay you for a specified term. Indeed, the time [set by] Allah, when it comes, will not be delayed, if you only knew.’ (Quran 71:4)

This name possesses a nice meaning as elucidated by the above verses, and if you are interested in finding out more, go reading Hadees, since the Qur'an and Hadees are the only authentic sources in Islam. Let’s continue to the manners and aims of the Wazifa.

Wird O Wazifa:

A combination of hope and expectations can spur us on to keep living the hard life no matter what challenges we face. The same can be said about the Wazifa, which become beacons of light in dark places and guide us to the right things.

Following are some benefits of reading his name.

For Love With Allah:

We all need to be free of the influence of the world's love, desires, and the worries and hardships it breeds in both our mind and spirit. Through the greatest love for Allah, we are liberated from all types of hurdles and limits created by the world around us. The moment we attach ourselves to Allah Almighty, we start living an actual life. Then you will be freed from all your worries and you will be blessed by Allah Almighty with the gift of repentance for your negative actions.

Additionally, you can learn about other names of Allah Almighty on this website, in addition to learning about Wazifa and benefiting from it.


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