Al Khaaliq


Al Khaaliq Meaning

The meaning of Ya-Khaliqo in English is “The Creator” and in Urdu “Paida krny wala” it means the one who create the whole creature. Allah alone has the power to create all of the world's creatures, no one else has the power to simply make a leaf from a tree. Being the sovereign of all things, He has the authority to do as he pleases. His creation has the right to wish for what he wants to...Read More...

Al Khaaliq

Benefits of Wazifa

The benefits of this wazifa are countless one of the best is Allah will create an angel whose duty will be to act honestly for this person until the Day of Decision. The compensation for angel’s actions will be set to that person who repeat this Name 100 times for seven days without break and make Dua for his good deeds. If you reciting the wazifa of Ya Khaliqo consistently you will see a significant change in your facial beauty.

In Quran

“That is Allah, your Lord; there is no deity except Him, the Creator of all things, so worship Him. And He is Disposer of all things.”

In Hadith

It was narrated from Ali that: When the Messenger of Allah prostrated he would say:

“O Allah to you I have prostrated and to You I have submitted, and in You I have believed. My face has prostrated to the One Who created it and shaped it and shaped it well, and brought forth its hearing and sight. Blessed be Allah the best of Creators.


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آج کل آپ کونسی مشکل سے دوچار ہیں؟

اللہ کے کلام سے تمام مسائل کا حل ممکن ہے۔حدیث پاک کی روشنی میں اپنے مسائل سے متعلق وظیفے پڑھیں۔

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