Al Jaleel


Al Jaleel Meaning

There is no one greater than Allah, the one with the most dignity and rank. All attributes of greatness are attributed to Him, and he is majestic and all-powerful. I owe him all my honor and sincere devotion...Read More...

Al Jaleel

In the Qur'an:

Several holy Quranic verses give us an idea of this name's meaning. To help you get a better grasp of the meaning of this name before taking part in Wazifa, here is a list of a few of these.

  • And there will remain the Face of your Lord, Owner of Majesty and Honor. (Quran 55:27)
  • And when Moses arrived at Our appointed time and his Lord spoke to him, he said, “My Lord, show me [Yourself] that I may look at You.” [ Allah] said, “You will not see Me, but look at the mountain; if it should remain in place, then you will see Me.” But when his Lord appeared to the mountain, He rendered it level, and Moses fell unconscious. And when he awoke, he said, “Exalted are You! I have repented to You, and I am the first of the believers.” (Quran 7:143)

In the Holy Qur'an, Allah Almighty introduces himself as it is described in the above verses. Let’s move toward the manners and the aims for doing qazifa for this name.

Wird O Wazifa:

The meaning of the wazifa is a type of prayer or a call toward the particular blessings of Allah almighty, so never be afraid and always keep Allah almighty in your thoughts in both good and bad times.

1) To have respect:

Humans have always wanted to be recognized as great in society and by people around them, so they always crave respect and social standing nowadays. Regularly reading his name and with full intention can make you feel respected in your social circle while keeping in mind that if you keep a written version of this name with you, you might be able to receive results quickly. You will see good things coming your way if you read the name of your Lord.

Please refer to the other sections if you have a different purpose or if you have a noble desire that you would like fulfilled. They will be very helpful to you.


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