Al Jaami


Al Jaami Meaning

Allah is Al-Jaami' and the meaning of his name is that he is the one who Having assembled and arranged all that which has been scattered, Composing and connecting things is one of his tasks. Let’s see what the Qur'an says about this particular name of Almighty...Read More...

Al Jaami

In the Qur'an:

Like the best teacher, the Qur'an is able to teach us about all that we are looking for in our surroundings. When we concentrate on the meaning of the Qur'an, Wazifa will be of greater benefit.

  • This is the Day of Judgement; We will have assembled you and the former peoples. (Quran 77:38)
  • Our Lord, surely You will gather the people for a Day about which there is no doubt. Indeed, Allah does not fail in His promise.” (Quran 3:9)
  • Does man think that We will not assemble his bones? Yes. [We are] Able [even] to proportion his fingertips. But man, desires to continue in sin. (Quran 75:3-5)

By reading this name, you can enjoy some of the following benefits.

Wird O Wazifa:

As a person faces what is often the most challenging part of their lives, the remembrance of Allah brings hope and light to them. The name of Almighty is the only source of light that can enlighten the very dark era of human history. In today's society, misery is so common that raising spiritual intentions is the only way to lower it. Our spiritual intentions must be raised by the following religion in the best way we can.

To find lost things:

In essence, this name conveys the meaning of gathering, so if someone reads it to search for lost things, he will certainly succeed in his search in a few days and will be reassured and excited to find they have found them again.

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