Al Haqq


Al Haqq Meaning

There is only one reality, the truth, and it is Allah, Al-Haqq. Being the only true God, he has every right to be worshipped. It is impossible to escape his essence...Read More...

Al Haqq

In the Qur'an:

The following verses provide insight into this name. The results cannot be determined without a clear understanding of what is important. By exposing ourselves to names that reflect what is important to us, we can have a positive impact on our lives. I recommend that you read the Quran.

  • That is because Allah is the Truth and because He gives life to the dead and because He is over all things competent (Quran 22:6)
  • So exalted is Allah, the Sovereign, the Truth; there is no deity except Him, Lord of the Noble Throne. (Quran 23:116)
  • Then they, His servants are returned to Allah, their true Lord. Unquestionably, His is the judgment, and He is the swiftest of accountants. (Quran 6:62)

Here we shall focus upon the manners and rules for the Wazifa of this name in the verses above.

Wird O Wazifa:

When we are disappointed or sad, we all need someone to help and support us, and who could be better there to help us than God? We are helped, motivated, and led to hope and joy by the name of God, and this allows our mood to change drastically for the better.

For lost persons or things:

Our journey through life brings us contacts with people we do not know, as well as the possibility of losing dear and near friends. A time of such a critical nature will come to you and you need not worry beforehand. If you read this name and write it on paper, you can show it to the sky and ask Allah almighty to provide you with the lost things. A good surprise is coming your way soon.


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آج کل آپ کونسی مشکل سے دوچار ہیں؟

اللہ کے کلام سے تمام مسائل کا حل ممکن ہے۔حدیث پاک کی روشنی میں اپنے مسائل سے متعلق وظیفے پڑھیں۔

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