Al Hakam


Al Hakam Meaning

The word is an arabic word, similar to the other arabic words, this word also comes from a root. Its root word is Haa-Kaaf-Meem. Both Hakim and Hakam come from the same root.The difference is that Hakam is a verbal noun which emphasises the meaning of a Justice decree while Hakim is a noun which associates with the quality.Read More...

Al Hakam

In the Qur'an:

of being all wise. This root appears 210 times in the Quran in 13 different derived forms.

In The Qur’an:

Indeed similar to other names of Allah Almighty, this name is of great importance and we may find many references in the Holy Qur’an as follows.

  • Al-Hakam Himself says: Then is it other than Allah I should seek as judge while it is He who has revealed to you the Book explained in detail? (Quran, 6:114)

References from the Holy Qur'an that are related to this name Allah Almighty originate from the Holy Qur'an. Additionally, Quran.Com offers more verses. His justice has always been delivered to everyone, regardless of what situation arose. In creation, nothing happens except by His authority and decree on earth or in the heavens. So, only He can be called Al-Hakam. There is no one that he cannot know. In times of ease and difficulty, we should turn to God for everything He touches, even if it's hidden.

As A Wazifa:

This name has certain benefits for those who read it daily with an intention to have a development in understanding certain things around them so a person in try to know something can read this name and will see the results himself. Wazifas of this name are very beneficial. There are a few precautions with the aims we need to know when we read this name.

Finding The Lost Things Or The Thief

  • Do wird of this name, after every prayer.
  • Read for 200 times.
  • Repeat this for 3 weeks.

To Reveal A Secret

  • Wird (repete) this name, for night and day.
  • Read in Solitude.

There are many ways in which we can live this name.

Always Rely On Al-Hakam.

Those who believe in Al-Hakam will feel most relieved and at peace, because they believe that whatever Al-Hakam does to them will be just. In the case of Al-Hakam, who recognizes and understands the weaknesses of the weak and the strengths of the strong, he always acts in the interest of justice and not in any way harms anyone. His reasoning was that if he was to do anything wrong against a weak person relying on Al-Hakam, he knows what other might come to him either in this life or in the hereafter.

Keep Al-Hakam in mind and stand up for what is right

When we recognize someone who is in charge and has a model for doing justice, then we will never turn away from the truth, and we will always stand up for what is right, no matter how weak he is, whatever his level of importance Despite the opposition, the oppressor will win because the system works according to God's formula. God is in charge of everything and His criteria for making decisions are set.


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اللہ کے کلام سے تمام مسائل کا حل ممکن ہے۔حدیث پاک کی روشنی میں اپنے مسائل سے متعلق وظیفے پڑھیں۔

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