Al Ghaffaar


Al Ghaffaar Meaning

Alghafoor is counted among the most beautiful and magnificent names of Allah Almighty. There can be no doubt that only Allah Almighty is capable of punishing and rewarding his creatures. And only he has the right to decide the best for his creature...Read More...

Al Ghaffaar

In the Quran:

It has been difficult for man to follow the given instructions without getting involved in any fault, but there are those who repent over their wrong deeds and ask Allah Almighty for another chance. As a result, Allah Almighty is always ready to forgive his creatures, and this name refers to the same kind of kindness.

You may find this name appears in many verses with some of the other powerful names of Allah. Let’s have a look here.

  • With Ar-Raheem: Allah mentions Ar-Raheem 72 times in conjunction with Al-Ghafoor, making this pair one of the most frequent.
  • With Al-Haleem:Al-Ghafoor has been associated with Al-Haleem six times. The one who is able to restrain his anger after having been rightfully angered is Al-Haleem. While he can be angry with us, he restrains himself and forgives us.
  • With Al-'Affuw:Allah pairs Al-Ghaffoor with Al-'Affuw four times, indicating that He is the only One to forgive and to wipe out all of our sins.
  • With Ash-Shakuwr:3 times he pairs it with As-Shakuwr, and the meaning of this name is that the one who appreciates what you've done, giving you more than you deserve. By combining this with Al-Ghafoor, we can conclude that none but He has the power to forgive infinitely and bless his servants in an infinite manner

Benefits For Wazifa:

For the reader, the wazifa of this name brings a lot of happiness and it ends all kinds of hardships and pain in life and becomes a source of relief.

Psychological Benefit:

Since it's difficult to restrain yourself from sins and wrongdoings in the age we live in, we unknowingly and knowingly harm our loved ones, neighbors, and friends. We carry the burden of wrongdoings over to our future and keep our brains in tension, which makes it difficult to make decisions, thereby taking up most of our limited time. However, you need not be concerned anymore, because this name of Allah Almighty will help you to forgive those who wrong you.

For Happiness:

We can say that this is a wazifa for those who want to have pardon from God. Allah Almighty surely loves those who call him to seek his forgiveness. Here is the way,

  • Do wird (repetition) of this name, after every Salat-Ul-Fajar, 200 times daily.
  • Write the name on a paper and then dip that piece of paper in a bottle of water, give that water to the patient for 3 days. Patient will recover with the mercy of Allah ALmighty.
  • So, Remember him, who has the dignity and who has control over everything may change your present and fill your life with the eternal peace.


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