Al Basir


Al Basir Meaning

In linguistics, Baseer refers to intensification. Al-Baseer describes Allah's seeing as perfect and total, something which cannot be compared to whatever else is seen...Read More...

Al Basir

In The Qur’an:

Readers of the holy Qur'an may find many references and verses regarding this name, few one are mentioned here.

  • He is the Hearing, the Seeing. (Quran, 40:20)
  • And He is the Hearing, the Seeing. (Quran 42:11)
  • He is the Hearing, the Seeing. (Quran, 40:20)
  • He is the Hearing, the Seeing. (Quran, 17:1)

References from the Holy Qur'an that are related to this name Allah Almighty originate from the Holy Qur'an. Additionally, Quran.Com offers more verses. Since there is nothing hidden from Allah Almighty on earth or in the heavens, only He can be called As-Sami. His eyes are open to all. Even if it's hidden, everything that He touches is surrounded by Him that can be seen, so we should call on Him in times of ease and in times of difficulty.

As A Wazifa:

This name has certain benefits for those who read it daily with an intention to have a good or positive status in society. This name is very beneficial as a wazifa. There are some precautions that we need to carry while reading this name.

For Respect And Social Status

  • Doing wird of this name, after Jumma Prayer.
  • Now make sure you’ve offered the Sunnahs of Zuhar .
  • Now read this name 100 times.

For Weak Eye Sight

  • Read 300 times after the Fajar Prayer.
  • Now let's see how we can live by this name.

Keep an eye on your actions!

One who believes that Allah Almighty is watching him, won’t move towards any problems and will surely try to stop himself because the eyesight of Al-Baseer is watching us every day, every sec from all the possible angles and there is no such system in the world that can defeat the eye sight of Allah Almighty. Nothing is hidden in the world nor in the universe.

Aim For Quality

When we know that there is someone who sees us, every second, we’ll then stop currption on our duties and we’ll try to do our work with full concentration. It is also possible that a person of this belief will not indulge himself in dishonesty and haste. Every single task will then become quality oriented.


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