Al Baaqi


Al Baaqi Meaning

Allah is Al-Warith, The One who remains after all things pass away. Every possession will belong to Him since He is everlasting. I wrote this article to explain the meaning of this name in the Qur'an, so you can perform Wazifa according to its correct context...Read More...

Al Baaqi

In the Qur'an:

In several verses, this name's attributes are mentioned.

  • Indeed, we have believed in our Lord that He may forgive us our sins and what you compelled us [to do] of magic. And Allah is better and more enduring. (Quran 20:73)
  • Whatever you have will end, but what Allah has is lasting. And We will surely give those who were patient their reward according to the best of what they used to do (16:96).

As you learn the Wazifa below, the verses above will guide you to achieving your goals.

Wird O Wazifa:

Having the capacity to solve all problems, Allah can handle any issue. Positive attitudes are essential when facing extreme poverty or wealth.

For Success:

The focus of most people is a success. With the Wazifa of this name, you will succeed in noble deeds.

It is important to always remember that success lies in doing good works and that calling on the name of Allah Almighty can accomplish any task. The person must read this name at least 150 times per day for everything to be okay. If someone reads this 1000 times on Friday night, they will succeed in reaching their goal.


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آج کل آپ کونسی مشکل سے دوچار ہیں؟

اللہ کے کلام سے تمام مسائل کا حل ممکن ہے۔حدیث پاک کی روشنی میں اپنے مسائل سے متعلق وظیفے پڑھیں۔

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