Al Adl


Al Adl Meaning

This word is rooted in Ain-Daal-Laam and also used as a Muslim name. Like A’adil and A’deel. These two names are Persian and come from this main or root word. These are just a few of the meanings we know, there are many others. Now let's talk about this name in the Qur'an.Read More...

Al Adl

It has different meanings, few of which are given here.

Let's read the Quran to understand the deeper meaning of this name, which will help you in making the Wazifa

  • To act in a just and fair manner
  • Fairness and impartiality
  • Alignment, evenness
  • To make things right, to rectify, to establish justice
  • The act of balancing, of counterbalancing
  • Making oneself comfortable with what is right

In The Qur’an:

All we need to do is keep searching with a moral vision, and we will find all the knowledge we need in this Book. To understand this name in more depth, please see the following verses.

  • And the word of your Lord has been fulfilled in truth and in justice. None can alter His words, and He is the Hearing, the Knowing. (Quran 6:115)
  • Indeed, Allah does not do injustice, [even] as much as an atom’s weight; while if there is a good deed, He multiplies it and gives from Himself a great reward. (Quran 4:40)

There are some references in the Holy Quran that are related to the name Allah Almighty. There are also more verses on Quran.Com. No matter what situation arose, his justice has always been delivered to everyone. There is no order, law, or decree except that of God on the earth and in the heavens. Al-’Adl is therefore a name that can only be used to describe Him.

As A Wazifa:

Similar to other names of Allah Almighty, this particular name also had great effect upon the human being and their circumstances. Let's know for what aim and in what way we should remember our Lord as Al-’Adl.

In order to make people obey

  • Write this name on a morsel of bread.
  • Eat and see people obeying you.

In order to have justice

  • Read the name 500 times
  • Puff before the judge, or anyone you think will do justice.
  • Will see him in your right.

Allah Almighty As Al-Adl

However, it is important to know how this name affects the psychologically thinking. So, there are many manifestations regarding this name.

  • Heaven's For Oppressors
  • The balance and equilibrium in the universe
  • To create everything with precise measurements
  • To give each being its due based on their ability
  • To respond to good deeds with good results
  • To respond to bad deeds with bad results


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