Al Aakhir


Al Aakhir Meaning

Al-Akhir is one of the beautiful names of Allah Almighty. There can be no end to the existence of Allah, who is Al-Akhir, the One who will live on after this universe ends. Like the first one, he will also be the last.Read More...

Al Aakhir

According to the Qur'an:

Several verses in the Holy Qur'an illustrate the meaning of Allah the Almighty's name. Let's review them now. The name is beautifully explained in these verses.

  • He is the First and the Last, the Ascendant and the Intimate, and He is, of all things, Knowing. (Quran 57:3)
  • “Where is the place of escape?” No! There is no refuge. To your Lord, that Day is the [place of] permanence. Man will be informed that day of what he sent ahead and kept back. Rather, man, against himself, will be a witness, Even if he presents his excuses. (Quran 75:5-16)

It is clear in this reading that there is a discussion of Wazifa as well as the purpose so that you will have a better understanding of what you wish to achieve.

Wird O Wazifa:

Wird and Wazifa are good to use during times of hardship and worry. You can enjoy a prosperous and enjoyable life by having them in your life. The name during wazifa should be read quietly whenever you have a doubt about its effectiveness.

You can benefit from reading his beautiful name in the following ways.

To Get Freedom :

Many young people are infected with temporary and sterling desires, wasting time on them and their desires. As a result, there are many who would love to have a taste of eternal love, the love of Allah. Nevertheless, you need to end worldly desires and lust first. This name will help you to move forward, so please read it 1000 times a day and you'll see the termination of all the temporary desires you have been experiencing. By Almighty’s grace, you will be free.

By learning about and benefiting from Wazifa, you can learn more about Allah Almighty's other names.


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