Ad Dharr


Ad Dharr Meaning

Allah is Ad-Daarr, the One who benefits or harms whichever individual he wills. Those with wisdom might choose to discipline wrongful behavior by using forceful corrections.Read More...

Ad Dharr

In the Qur'an:

It is necessary to know Allah's name in order to perform Wazifa. The effect will also be very low, even none at all, until there is a clear understanding of what we are saying or doing. Our best source for learning about the name is the Holy Qur'an and hadiths.

  • And if Allah should touch you with adversity, there is no remover of it except Him. And if He touches you with good – then He is over all things competent. (Quran 6:17)
  • Say, “Shall we invoke instead of Allah that which neither benefits us nor harms us and be turned back on our heels after Allah has guided us? [We would then be] like one whom the devils enticed [to wander] upon the earth confused, [while] he has companions inviting him to guidance, [calling], ‘Come to us.’ ” Say, “Indeed, the guidance of Allah is the [only] guidance; and we have been commanded to submit to the Lord of the worlds. (Quran 6:71)

We will now discuss the benefits of the Wazifa.

Wird O Wazifa:

As a result of a Wazifa, we have a specific schedule and a routine for achieving something. As you read on, you should be aware that you must follow the same principles and act in the same manner as those described below.

For Peace:

We are all striving for Peace. But unless you are a true believer, peace isn't so easy to obtain. This name should be read before you start any new task or venture. There will be peace waiting for you. Do read this name 100 times every Friday night.


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آج کل آپ کونسی مشکل سے دوچار ہیں؟

اللہ کے کلام سے تمام مسائل کا حل ممکن ہے۔حدیث پاک کی روشنی میں اپنے مسائل سے متعلق وظیفے پڑھیں۔

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